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Kitchen Countertops

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Nuvo Unique Kitchen Countertops

At Calgary's Nuvo Cabinets and Stones, we have a wide selection of over 150 different slabs of stones in stock for you to choose from a wide array of different types of stones, colours and grain texture that will make your kitchen countertops as unique as you are. Our many different Stone slabs are quarried from all over the globe and brought to our Calgary Manufacturing Facility where we custom cut the stone slabs and polish and finish them to perfection before installing them in your home.

By having such a large volume of slabs to choose from and having our own manufacturing facility we are able to lower the cost for countertops for our clients' projects.

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Stone Kitchen Countertops are Very Attractive

Nuvo Stones are Varied designs of quartz and granite, directly imported from the best quarries all over the globe.

The manmade quartz material is compressed into slabs that have similar color and texture to natural granite and slate. One difference you’ll notice is that the colour is more uniform than the variations in hue you’ll find in most slabs of natural stone.

While those who appreciate the character of natural stone may view this as a disadvantage, the benefit is that the engineered stone used throughout your kitchen will match perfectly.

Colours available for stone kitchen countertops include earth tones across the entire spectrum, rose, grays and more. Most of the colour comes from the natural color in the quartz.

Services we offer:

  • We offer assistance to clients on determining the design they want, 2D and 3D layout, the cabinet or stone selection, making sure that they are well informed of material, the care needed, characteristics and recommended applications of the materials chosen as well as the process and timeline.
  • We then take the measurements with pricing including the material, measure, fabrication, installation and a warranty on craftsmanship. Once the measurement is completed, a template will be prepared, approved and ready for the manufacturing process.
  • Template and adjustment of the original design if needed.
  • Production either in-house or sourced in our affiliated factory in the orient.
  • Assembly and installation of cabinets.
  • Template for the countertop.
  • Countertop fabrication and installation.
  • Post-installation evaluation & warranty.
  • Polishing services as part of the warranty.

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