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NUVO Cabinets and Stones stands out as a premier Calgary-based cabinets and renovations firm, guided by a clear and distinctive design/build ethos. Our philosophy revolves around entrusting one entity with the entire project lifecycle, from initial conception on paper to meticulous manufacturing and finally, the transformation within your home. This streamlined approach ensures seamless communication and collaboration with a dedicated team of professionals who prioritize understanding your requirements and delivering superior quality within agreed timelines.

Comprising a team of seasoned craftsmen and professionals, NUVO epitomizes professionalism and reliability, with an unwavering commitment to perfection in every detail. Drawing from extensive experience, we possess the expertise to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home, ensuring year-round satisfaction for your family.

NUVO Cabinets and Stones has garnered a loyal following of satisfied clientele, built upon a foundation of trustworthiness, honesty, and unwavering reliability. Contact us today and discover why NUVO Calgary Cabinets and Stones has emerged as the preferred choice for discerning homeowners.


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The Men Behind NUVO Calgary Cabinets and Stones

Starting from humble beginnings, Ming emerged as a versatile individual who commenced his journey in a stone fabrication shop. There, he immersed himself in every aspect of working with stones, mastering techniques from cutting and polishing to measuring, installation, and design. With years devoted to honing his skills in stone craftsmanship, Ming resolved to broaden his expertise by delving into production, machinery, and the logistical intricacies of stone companies.

As an operations manager at one of the city's premier countertop suppliers, Ming became adept at ensuring the seamless and efficient operation of the enterprise. Moreover, he seized every opportunity to deepen his understanding of cabinetry, encompassing its assembly, design, finishing, and installation processes. In 2013, Ming and his partner ventured into entrepreneurship, founding their own kitchen renovation business, which thrived for over two years.

In 2015, Ming embarked on a quest to uncover the origins of stone, delving into the intricacies and unique characteristics of various stone types. His exploration extended beyond his locale, as he immersed himself in the markets of Calgary, Edmonton, and even Grande Prairie. It was during this marketing odyssey that the idea of establishing a comprehensive one-stop shop for customers began to crystallize in Ming's mind.

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