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Cabinet Installation

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Revitalize your kitchen effortlessly! Our expert cabinet installation service ensures a flawless transformation. From precise measurements to seamless alignment, we handle every detail with care. Choose us for a stunning kitchen upgrade today!

Experience the difference with our service! Trust us to expertly install your cabinets, starting from the corner and working outward, ensuring every cabinet is perfectly aligned and secure. With our attention to detail, your cabinets will be level, plumb, and square, providing a breathtaking finish to your kitchen space.

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After your old cabinets are torn out, and before installing the new ones, is the perfect time to do any kitchen improvements. Here are some upgrades to consider:

  • Electrical upgrades. Older kitchens are notorious for lacking adequate lighting and outlets. Consider adding an undercabinet, task or indirect lighting and more outlets and upgrading all the outlets to GFCI-protected ones (now demanded by code). It's easy to cut open drywall, fish new wires and install electrical boxes because you can do the work behind the cabinets. Repairs won't have to be perfect because they won't show.
  • Drywall repair. Patch any holes or any other drywall damage.
  • Painting. Repaint all of the walls and the ceiling. You'll save the hassle of cutting in around the new cabinets and get a much neater job to boot. You can touch up nicks and bumps later.
  • Install new finished flooring if you can. Most finished floor materials can be installed ahead of the cabinets. That's much easier to do because you can project the flooring under the cabinets and avoid cutting around them later. Hardwood flooring, tile, most vinyl, and some laminate floors can handle cabinets resting on them with no problem. But be careful. Perimeter-glued vinyl and floating wood laminate floors need to expand and contract freely. If you rest cabinets on them, you may have problems with buckling, splitting or cracking later.
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